Happy New Year Funny Quotes and Sayings That’ll Keep U Smile

Share your joy with some Best Happy New Year Funny Quotes and Sayings That’ll Keep U Smile or make you laugh. Laughter is allegedly the best medicine, and its most certainly good for the soul, You don’t have to always convey the New Year Wishes on serious note – little funny moments can surely turn the entire atmosphere into hilarious mood. Rather than just writing Happy New Year in your messages you can make fun or say something cute. For such events you can spill the magic of Funny New Year Quotes and make everyone laugh. so here we’ve listed One Liner New Year Jokes for your friends & family, Funny New Year Status for WhatsApp & Facebook updations, Cute New Year Funny Resolutions about Life for kids and children, Funny New Year Quotations for naughty Girls & Boys and many more. Have a joyful New Year  🙂

Short Happy New Year Funny Quotes and Sayings That’ll Keep U Smile

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New year, same goal.


This year let’s resolve to make better bad decisions.


I think in terms of the day’s resolutions, not the year’s.


Celebrate what you want to see more of. ~Tom Peters


New Year’s Day is every man’s birthday. ~Charles Lamb


People treat New Year’s like some sort of life-changing event.


Let us not drink to the past, but to the future. Happy New Year.


Maturity is when you realize that new year won’t change your life.


It wouldn’t be New Year’s if I didn’t have regrets. ~William Thomas


I can’t believe it’s been a year since I didn’t become a better person.


If your life sucked last year, it’s probably still going to suck tomorrow.


In 2017 I will not stress myself out about things I can’t control or change.


Many people look forward to the New Year for a new start on old habits.


Thanks for not laughing at my absurdly unattainable New Year’s resolution.


The new year will be like the old one if you keep on doing the same old things.


Stir the eggnog, lift the toddy, Happy New Year, everybody. ~Phyllis McGinley


May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions. ~Joey Adams


The New Year give you a clean chit to keep you far away from misers and doctors.


If nothing changes this New Year to your liking, just change your habit of complaining!


I’m not overweight. I’m just nine inches too short.Happy New Year. ~Shelley Winters


This Year may god motivate you to indulge less in office gossips. Happy New Year!


I’m a little bit older, a little bit wiser, a little bit rounder, but still none the wiser. ~Robert Paul


If you are planning to turn a new leaf over this New Year, make sure the leaf is free of bugs.


This New Year’s I resolve to be less awesome since that is really the only thing I do in excess.


May this New Year bring actual change in you – not recurrence of old habits in a new package.


This New Year, may you make the attempt to trim and clean your Social Media accounts.


And now we welcome the New Year, full of things that have never been. ~Rainer Maria Rilke


In 2017 Parents worry about what their sons download and what their daughters upload on the internet.


I would say happy New Year but it’s not happy; it’s exactly the same as last year except colder. ~Robert Clark


Dear God, my prayer for 2017 is a fat bank account and a thin body. Please don’t mix these up like you did this year.